30 September 2015

Tesla Model X - Introducing a game-changing SUV

Tesla's mission is to 'accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transport'.  And last night, Tesla Motors launched a key part of its arsenal - the much-anticipated Model X, a game-changing SUV, proving electric mobility can be used to move large families/groups, in comfort, style and with zero tailpipe emissions.

Tesla Model X
Its performance is also something to make the headlines, putting other 'performance SUVs' to shame.  In P90D guise, its four wheel drive powertrain can provide 0-60mph in as little as 3.2 seconds, and with a 250 mile range and 30 minute charge time, more time can be spent on the road enjoying its character.

Tesla Model X
When shipping around a family, safety is obviously critical, and Tesla haven't disappointed in the new Model X.  It's the safest SUV ever, with 5 star NHTSA ratings in every category. Without a traditional engine in the bonnet, the equivalent area can be used as a much extended crumple zone.  Side impacts have about a 50% reduced intrusion in a 'side pole' test, compared to the next best SUV.  And rollover risk is reduced with its lower centre of gravity.  And with 'active safety', sensors and cameras will provide automated emergency braking and even active steering to provide collision avoidance.  It even has a 'bio-weapon defence' button to protect occupants from outside toxic gases!

Other features include the driver's door which automatically opens and closes as the driver approaches the car, then sits in their seat; 2276kg of towing capacity; and of course the dual-hinge falcon wing doors with its impressive passenger access, even in a tight space...

Tesla Model X - Falcon Wing Doors
UK prices expected to be around £65,000.

You can watch Elon Musk introduce the Model X in this video.

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