23 March 2016

New York Motor Show 2016 - Highlights

Last year, the 2015 New York International Auto Show revealed a few key SUV hybrid launches - the BMW X5 xDrive40e, Lexus 450h, Mercedes GLE 500 e 4 Matic, and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

This year, the Auto Show introduces a more modest range of vehicles which are 'sustainable'... in fact, so far, two (and I'm excluding models which have already been revealed outside US).

GENESIS Hybrid Sports Sedan New York Concept

Hyundai's luxury brand, GENESIS, has revealed a hybrid concept:

GENESIS Hybrid New York Concept

Powertrain details are not available, other than a 242bhp 2.0 litre GDi engine will be used, alongside an electric motor, and 8 speed automatic transmission.

GENESIS Hybrid New York Concept

Toyota Prius Prime (Plug-in Hybrid)

When it comes to future powertrains, Toyota have had more experience than anyone else, launching the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, the first generation Prius, in 1997.  Their new generation Prius was released last year (with its striking angles dividing opinion as ever), and in New York, they've launched the plug-in hybrid version, called 'Prime' (meaning 'best').

Toyota Prius Prime (plug-in hybrid)
Since about 300BC, when Euclid first produced evidence of there being an infinite number of prime numbers, there has been a fascination about prime numbers.  And arguably, the numbers of the Toyota Prime are no less impressive:

  • 202mpg
  • 32g CO2/km
  • 84mph in battery-only mode
  • 31 mile electric-only range, courtesy of a 8.8kWh battery
  • 2 hour, 20 minute charge time
  • A petrol engine with 40% thermal efficiency
Here's a video from Toyota, which doesn't give any more details, but is impressive none-the-less:

Toyota Prius Prime (plug-in hybrid)

And finally, as a very blunt reminder of some US driving habits, here's a photo of the Lincoln Navigator Concept, with its 3.5L twin turbo-charged V6

Lincoln Navigator Concept - not so sustainable!