About me

Thanks for visiting my blog.  My name's Richard Waters, and I live in Guildford, in the UK.

I am an optimist about human ingenuity against the toughest of challenges, but am concerned that we've collectively underestimated the impacts of a changing climate - both on society and the ecosystems upon which we rely. 

What will be covered in this blog?

I'm interested in both minimising the risks of climate change occurring (mitigation), as well as society's response to a changing climate (adaptation).

In particular, I will cover:
  • Business models.  Both the circular economy and collaborative consumption have huge potential - very few organisations have embraced these concepts
  • Design. Inherent to a sustainable economy are product service systems - applying design principles to the service and system within which a product is designed
  • Mobility. The automotive sector is on a very exciting transformational journey to new powertrains (EV, hydrogen, etc) and its associated infrastructure, to new ownership models (e.g. car sharing).

I'm not going to cover sustainability news per-se, as there are plenty of other places to follow that.

I'm far from being an expert, but am inquisitive and happy to challenge entrenched interests in existing business models to stimulate a debate.  I'd really like to hear your views via the comments in each blog, either if you agree (ideally!), or disagree. 

Anything else?  

I also dabble in wildlife photography, so have been lucky enough to see the fragility of this planet in some interesting places.  You can see my portfolio on Instagram.

Finally, this site represents my personal views and not those of my employer.


Richard Waters, Guildford, UK.