05 July 2015

Hydrogen cars - update

In a recent blog, I gave an overview that alongside the momentum behind plug-in electric and hybrid cars, manufacturers are still investing in hydrogen-powered mobility via fuel cells. Below, I've outlined another couple of recent developments which continue to suggest there's strong interest in making it part of our future.

Japanese manufacturers

Toyota, Nissan and Honda have added significant weight behind the support for developing a more robust hydrogen infrastructure in Japan.  

Hydrogen Station in Ebina city, Kanagawa Prefecture
Looking holistically across the product service system, the initiatives include:
  • Working with infrastructure providers to improve customer service levels
  • Extending operating hours
  • Promoting Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs)
Nissan, Toyota and Honda in agreement on hydrogen

Honda FCV

Toyota Mirai
More information here.

BMW Hydrogen development

BMW announced a partnership with Toyota in 2013 for fuel cell electric vehicle development, and have recently showcased a prototype based on their 5 series Gran Turismo.

5 Series Gran Turismo - powered by hydrogen
Its features include:

  • 180kW electric motor
  • Hydrogen storage from a 'tunnel tank' between the front and rear axles
  • A >300 mile range
  • Refuelling in less than 5 minutes
With rapid refuelling and a impressive range, it sets a high bar for electric vehicles to challenge.

Hydrogen refuelling

BMW have also released images of a futuristic hydrogen-powered prototype, with a more than passing similarity to the current i8:

BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell eDrive technology
BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell eDrive technology