08 June 2015

Daimler enters grid and home energy storage market

Hot on the heels of Tesla's recent announcement, Daimler is set to launch Mercedes Benz branded energy storage systems, via its subsidiary, Deutsche ACCUmotive, based in Saxony.  They have strong experience of producing batteries already, for various hybrid and electric Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Energy Storage

Its first industrial-scale lithium-ion unit is already on the grid and is being operated by the partner companies The Mobility House AG and GETEC Energie AG (via a JV called Coulomb). The 96 Lithium-ion battery modules have a total capacity of 500kWh, with a planned increase to 3000kWh.  The benefits to the grid include smoothing grid peaks, and ultimately reducing carbon emissions.

Daimler is then planning to partner with EnBW AG for private customer sales with 5.9kWh capacity batteries, alongside other worldwide distributors.  Private customers with solar panels will be particularly attracted to the opportunity to store excess energy during sunny periods, and use at night.

Mercedes Benz moves from the garage into the home

More details available here.

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