03 May 2014

Water, Water, Everywhere...?

After the torrential rain and subsequent floods which hit the UK a few months ago, it can be hard to dismiss that over the long-term, the South of the UK is one of the most water-stressed parts of Europe.  That basically means that we're using too much water (in our homes, business and in agriculture), than our normal freshwater supplies will allow.

Water is an incredibly cheap resource (relative to the benefits we derive from it), so it can be easy to dismiss its importance.  However, with climate change likely to cause an increase in extreme weather events, droughts may be become more common.  If we act now and start to change our behaviours, collectively, we can minimise the inconvenience of any problems in the future.

Use of hot water

Although water is relatively cheap, energy certainly isn't.  Surprisingly, many people haven't understood the link between their use of hot water, and their energy bills.  In fact, it is estimated that 17% of your energy bill may go towards heating water.  So for an average dual-fuel energy bill of £1264, £215 is for heating water.  So, having slightly shorter showers (and minimising baths), can make a real difference to your energy bills.

Water (and energy!) saving shower head

Free water-savings gadgets

Your local water company wants to help you save water (in fact they've had a duty to promote the efficient use of water for all their customers since February 1996), so most offer free water-saving gadgets.  Just click the relevant link below for your water company and select the freebies which are most relevant to your needs.






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